Laminate and Wood Floor Care
This process can be used on:
NO SANDING, 100% Dustless
  •      Helps protect the original floor surface
  •    Helps seal flooring joints
  •    Helps hide minor scratches
  •    Deep cleans flooring
  •    Give your flooring a new look
  •    Helps add moisture resistance
Retail stores have sold these products as 'maintenance free floors'.  
Even though the aluminum oxide coating is 4 times harder than real
wood, it is very thin and gets scratched and scuffed just like any
floor surface that is walked on. You can’t use strong chemicals to
clean them for fear of damaging the oxide coating.  There is no way
to keep them looking shiny....until now
Our product adds a protective coating that will take the abuse so the Aluminum Oxide coating is
protected.  The final finish produces variable levels of gloss depending on the number of coats applied
Not all floors are a candidate for Dustless Rejuvenation. For the floors that
require extra special attention we also offer semi controlled sanding.